Outsourcing: Get a personal assistant to help with travel needs

One of the fine things about living overseas is the hired help. Hiring someone to clean house once a week was one of the perks in Singapore and Taiwan. In India we had three people work for us-not around the clock, but enough that I pine once in awhile for the days of our once well-oiled life. We also paid a travel agent to do our leg work when searching out the best deals and tickets were delivered to our door.

Now that we’ve moved back to real life, we’ve once more become pals with dust bunnies, various scattered belongings that never find a storage place, laundry in heaps, and figuring out cheap travel deals ourselves. Recently, a friend of mine said that she wished she had hired an assistant for a project of hers that involved hours of organizing and phone calls. As it turns out, it is possible to get affordable help even if you live a frugal existence. In India, people are at the ready to be a long distance personal assistant to anyone who hires their services through the company Get Friday.

Get Friday virtual assistants do a variety of tasks that range from calling a plumber to ordering flowers. Think of the possibilities for people who travel. Tasks could be having someone research the cheapest ways to get from an airport into a city, find out the range of ticket prices to various destinations to help you plan an economical vacation, find the closest hotel if you’re on a road trip and haven’t planned ahead, as well as, locate attractions and parking.

If you are on vacation and it dawns on you that you forgot to get someone a present, the Get Friday assistant can order something for you. You can also get him or her to do those small getting ready for a trip details like stopping and starting mail and newspaper delivery. Any work related tasks that are getting in your way of relaxing while you’re away, hire someone to do them. If it can be done without the assistant physically being present, Get Friday will find a way to meet your needs. Plans are flexible. You can either hire someone by the hour or pay a fee per month. It seems that hiring a virtual assistant is one way to increase vacation time. The business doesn’t make any distinction whether tasks are work or personal related. For more travel related Get Friday tasks, click here.