2014: The Year of the Traveling PANK?

One of the biggest possible travel trends in the Americas during 2014: PANKs. No, they’re not a new competitor for Spanx, but rather professional aunts, no kids. These women are spending billions traveling with their nieces and nephews according to Euromonitor International’s Global Trends Report, as reported by the International Business Times.

Melanie Notkin, chief executive at Savvy Auntie, an online community for aunts and godmothers, told the International Business Times she estimates there are 23 million PANKs in the United States who spend $9 billion annually on children.Other 2014 travel trends Euromonitor International identified include

  • peer-to-peer travel increasing in Europe
  • budget carriers in the Middle East adding more services
  • African’ safaris becoming more suitable for children
  • concierge assistance via mobile devices growing