GMaps Flight Tracker: Track Flights with Google Maps

Whenever the three words, Google, maps, and mashup grace my screen, I get excited. What’s cooler than real-time flight tracking on everyone’s favorite mapping software? Not much. Well actually, there is — I’m still waiting for a usable Google Maps weather mashup (with radar)…but I digress.

From our sister-site Download Squad: “This Google Maps mashup tracks the status of inbound flights scheduled to land in Atlanta, Boston, New York’s JFK, LA, Miami and San Francisco. Pick your city, and a list of the arriving flights are displayed. Click or mouse over the airline flight number of plane icon and the altitude, speed and heading coordinates are displayed as well as flight trail waypoints so you can check out the travel path.”

The mashup even gives you the option of downloading the data as a KML file, that way you can import it into Google Earth and track the flights in 3D. Wicked cool.