Wear Red Day: Heart disease awareness for women

February 1 is National Wear Red Day to heighten the awareness about heart disease in women. After all, it’s their number one killer. The Go Red for Women movement is aiming to help women change their lifestyle habits in order to live better and longer. For people who love to travel, keeping a heart healthy will ensure that globe trotting days last. What works for women also works for men, so men take note.

By wearing red, people are acting as reminders to folks to pay attention to their hearts and the hearts of their loved ones. Of course wearing red won’t prevent heart disease. Eating the right foods and exercising helps–so does not smoking. The Go Red For Women Web site holds loads of information about heart disease prevention and heart care, including a heart check up, so you can see how well your ticker is ticking. If you have experience with heart disease, either your own or someone you love, you can share your story with a video. The how to do a video instructions are listed. After it’s completed, post it at the Web site.

Perhaps you are reading this on February 1 and you’re already out and about– or at work and are not wearing red. You’re decked out in some other color. Here is a red heart to cut out. Run off this page and get a pair of scissors so that you can cut carefully along the outline. Tape the heart to your shirt with tape or pin it on with a straight or safety pin.