Convent Stays in Italy: An Inexpensive Option

Several years ago, just like in this recent article about staying in convents in Italy, I did stay in a convent in Rome, and not because I fancied being a nun. We’d heard that convents were wonderfully pleasant, inexpensive places to stay. It was a pleasant place to stay and inexpensive, but we should have noticed that this information was coming from a person who goes to bed early. There were a few downsides. One was the curfew. I can’t remember how early it was, but 8:30 p.m. sounds about right. Rings true. Not a bad time if you don’t want to stay out, or if you don’t want to eat dinner at a leisurely pace. If any of you have been to Italy, you might know that dining out at night doesn’t happen until fairly late.

To make it back to the convent before curfew time, we would find any place we could that was serving dinner, shovel down food at a break neck pace, drink wine like we were doing shots and run like heck to the convent’s doors so we wouldn’t get locked out. Also, even though we were traveling co-ed, the rooms are single sexed and single beds–at least where we were staying.

Despite the curfew, convents are an option for a place to stay where you can get some peace and quiet in peace and quiet. We were left on our own more or less, so the overall feel was homey-and peaceful–and quiet.

Here is another article I found in Go World Travel with information about convent and monastery stays.