Gogo Inflight Internet offers free inflight Twitter access during Spring Break!

If you are lucky enough to be flying on one of the U.S. domestic airlines with Gogo Inflight Internet, you are in for a treat this Spring Break season – free Twitter access.

As part of a double promotion, Gogo Inflight Internet is giving away access to the service for a month (till April 14), and is inviting you to enter a contest to win $10,000.

Getting your free Twitter access is simple – when the cabin crew tells you that you are allowed to use electronic devices, connect to the Gogo Inflight Internet signal and follow the instructions on the portal page.

You don’t even have to be inflight to enter the $10,000 contest – just click here and fill in the required fields. You can enter once a day.

Of course, if you need more than Twitter, you can purchase full Internet access inflight or before you board.

Inflight on Twitter? Don’t forget to follow @Gadling and @Gogoinflight!

[Photo: Flickr/JustJohn101]