Google Maps Mobile now offers public transit directions

Google Maps Mobile has always been a pretty nifty way to get maps and local information on your mobile device. Since its first release, Google has slowly been adding new features, and the newest addition is mobile access to public transit directions.

Public transit networks in 50 cities around the world have provided Google with their route information, which has been incorporated in the search results you see when you ask for directions. These networks cover bus, train, tram, ferry and subway networks. In the US, most major cities are included, like Chicago, New York and San Francisco.

The new version of Google Maps Mobile with transit directions is currently only available for Blackberry and Windows Mobile users. You can get Google Maps Mobile by pointing your mobile browser to The application is free, but you will need a data plan on your phone to access the information. The newest version of Google Maps Mobile even supports the Google Street View feature on Blackberry smartphones, as well as on the upcoming T-mobile G1 phone.

Google Maps Mobile has come in quite handy many times, when I need a quick and easy way to find a local business, or if I’m hopelessly lost in a new city, the price is certainly right, so I highly recommend taking it for a spin.