Product Review: On-the-go business footwear (with Gore-Tex)

If you guys don’t know already, New Haven is a wet place. So I was really excited to find a pair of dress shoes made out of Gore-Tex. The Berlin GTX, which retails for about $200, have been an absolute critical part of my wardrobe. In fact, I just wore them to a lunch dinner with Ted Sorenson, one of JFK’s closest advisers (I did make the mistake of wearing jeans, but these shoes at least got me through the door).

Best of all, the GTX is really for people on the go. I’m thinking in particular of those long treks through the airport. My old pair really made my soles hurt just from the walk between the security checkpoint and the gate.

And if you somehow do get them wet–I’m thinking the only case this would happen is if you ford a river–the removable Ecco Comfort Fiber System (ok they might have went a little far with the marketing) means you’ll have a dry shoe in no time. But again, I can’t emphasis enough how clutch the Gore-Tex has been in keeping my feet dry; I think it also helps keeping everything down there aerated.

The only downside is the shoes came with the laces all mistied. I tried relacing, and this may be a sign of my stupidity rather than anything on Gore-Tex’s part, but even now, the laces pop out on the inside of the shoes. Again, I think I’m just rather thick-headed.

There’s a couple other styles that I’ve found on the Gore-Tex site.