GPS In Your Shoes

Introducing Quantum Satellite Technology, a new line of $325 to $350 sneakers arriving in stores next month. What’s so special about these high-priced shoes? Because of embedded GPS technology, the wearer can be located anywhere in the world.

The technology is only meant for emergencies, and can be activated by the wearer, or — in cases like a lost child or missing Alzheimer’s patient — remotely by operators, who then alert authorities if the caller gives the right password.

While there’s an obvious market for the technology with adventurous travelers, creator Daniel Isaac also hopes to work with the military, and others whose work takes them to particularly dangerous parts of the globe.

Isaac started work on the idea after rushing home to New York from Atlanta because his son’s school mistakenly thought the 8-year-old had gone missing. The children’s line will be available starting this summer.