Weekend In Miami: The Greenview Hotel

After all that thinking we’d done at the Museum of Thinkism, it was time to check into our hotel, change clothes, and head to the beach for some afternoon-time relaxing.

Not certain where we wanted to stay, a friend of my wife had told us we should head to the Lincoln Road area — considered the premiere shopping destination in South Beach — because we would undoubtedly want to spend lots of time there. I did some searching and discovered the Greenview Hotel had rooms available.

To us, the location of this 43-room hotel sounded good: one block from where the pedestrian-only shopping area of Lincoln Road begins; three blocks from the beach; and a 5-minute jaunt to “the rest of South Beach” (we could easily walk to the Art Deco District). We eagerly booked a room.

The lobby of the small, boutique hotel was impressive, I thought. Quiet, clean, and white, it was a soothing environment. Overhead, Marlene Dietrich music played softly. Behind me is reception.

To the right, there’s a casual seating area, and a very small office with Internet access (see the guy using the computer?). The elevator is in the lower right-hand corner of this picture. Be warned: it is the smallest, jolting-est elevator in this hemisphere.

Continental breakfast is provided just to the left of the brown folding half-wall in the left of this shot.

After riding the aluminum-paneled elevator to our floor, I was a bit underwhelmed by the hallway. Uh-oh, I thought. What have I gotten us into?

However, our room, though small, was clean and comfortable. Unfortunately, it didn’t offer central A/C, but the small window unit was adequate… once it got going.

I have to say the sisal rug lining the floor was very uncomfortable on bare feet.

The bathroom was a bit minimalist, though the shower was quite large.

All in all, the room was adequate, and we enjoyed using it as a base of operations:

  • It was quiet.
  • It was centrally-located.
  • It was clean.
  • It was priced right ($140/night).

Although this price might seem high, we thought it was a good value for the money for accommodation in Miami during the high season. That said, next time, we probably wouldn’t stay there, for two reasons:

  1. There are so many hotels to “sample” in the area, that — unless you really love one — there’s no reason to go back. (Possible options for next visit include The Loft Hotel, The Viscay Hotel, The Blue Moon Hotel, The Chesterfield Hotel, and Villa Paradiso.)
  2. We were somewhat disappointed with Lincoln Road. But more on that later.

We quickly changed and headed for the beach!

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