Go To Jail on Bondi Beach?

What comes to mind when you think of Bondi Beach? Probably you’re imagining bikinis, white sand, leathery-skinned suntanners and the heavenly water, a refuge from the heat of the day. What you’re probably not imagining is Jail. That’s right — a German artist has come up with a novel idea: Prison on the beach. I know what you’re thinking — what kind of crime do you have to do to end up in that prison? Well, actually, it’s voluntary.

What gives? Turns out it’s art, and the master behind the piece, Gregor Schneider, was inspired by racial riots between ethnic Lebanese Australians and white Australian youths that happened in 2005 on another Sydney beach, Cronulla. The cells are meant to capture the confinement of racism in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Or … something like that ?

The jail cells will come be at Bondi until October 21. So until then, you can trade your time on the white sand in for time behind bars if you want to. But really, who would? Certainly not this beach-deprived traveller.