Reno’s ‘Cheese Truck’ Subject Of Quirky Documentary

“Reno, Nevada. The Biggest Little City in the World. Famous for our casinos, quick divorces, and legalized prostitution.”

So goes the opening narration to “The Cheese Truck,” a funny little documentary made by Jason Spencer of Storm Front Productions. The 26-minute film follows what amounts to a day in the life of GourMelt owners/drivers/cheese geeks Jessie and Haley, as they feed Reno’s hungry masses.

This gem of a film caught my attention for three reasons: I just flew in from Reno last night, after spending a week in Lake Tahoe visiting my brother and his family; I work in the cheese industry and did a book signing at Wedge, Reno’s new (only?) cheese shop, six days ago, and I couldn’t believe someone had made a movie about Reno’s on-trend food scene. Ouch.

“The Cheese Truck” may also gently poke fun, but its objective is to show viewers how much work goes into operating a food truck, as well as highlight Reno’s Renaissance. As my experience at Wedge also showed, there are a lot of fun things popping up in the Biggest Little City, especially the South Virginia Street Corridor neighborhood.

Look for more details on the second coming of Reno next week. I’ll tell you where to find a great bottle of wine, used combat boots, and handcrafted soppressata, amongst the tattoo parlors and crack houses.

The 4th 2nd Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational Tomorrow!!!

The 4th 2nd Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational takes place in LA tomorrow! Although the location will not be announced ’til the morn, we do know the doors open at 7 pm, and the cheese flows promptly at 8. Wanna participate? Sorry, registration is closed, but you can still come out, eat, and vote. Also, the organizers are looking for some extra hands to run the merch booth, set up/tear down, and help judge the 3 different sammich categories:

  1. The Missionary Position (Standard bread, butter, and cheese);
  2. The Kama Sutra (Exotic or standard bread, butter, and cheese plus additional ingredients); and,
  3. The Honey Pot (Exotic or standard bread, butter, and cheese, but a sandwich that is sweet in general, or would best be served as dessert).

Um…whatever. In case you haven’t been able to figure it out yet, this ain’t no ord’n’ry cooking competition:

Contestants will be judged on Presentation, Taste, and something called Wessonality. For details about the various sammich categories, the difference between standard and exotic butter, or tips on how to win a trophy, you should check the website.

[Via the I’m-always-having-more-fun-than-you guys at Laughing Squid]