Flickr user creates the ultimate online museum of foreign groceries

When you travel a lot, you run into a huge variety of funny looking (and tasting) foreign foods. Of course, we all think of Japan as the home of weird grub, but Flickr user Steve Portigal has collected photos of food from all around the world.

His collection includes some real gems; Barbie Spaghetti in a can, Crispy Curry Pringles and “Collon” chocolate. Do you have your own photos of weird foreign food you’d like to share with us? Leave a link in the comments section!

(Via: The Consumerist)

Mr. Clean: Killing Germs Around the World

Part of the fun of visiting grocery stores while traveling (aside from the food, of course) is all the wonderfully weird adaptations of products your familiar with. Take these variations of Mr. Clean, for instance.

Wikipedia explains the name changes: “Mr. Clean is known as Mr. Proper in mainland Europe, probably to avoid confusion with Mr. Sheen and Mr. Muscle. In the United Kingdom it is known as Flash. In Canada, the French name is M. Net (nettoyer is the French verb for “to clean”‘). In Spain, the name changed from Mr. Proper to Don Limpio (limpiar is the Spanish verb for “to clean”), while in Mexico he is named Maestro Limpio (Master Clean). In Italy he is named Mastro Lindo (Master Clean, as in Mexico), in Germany Meister Proper, in France Monsieur Propre.”

The only thing that would make this better is if Mr. Clean changed his clothes into whatever stereotypical garb “commonly” worn in the country he’s being sold. A beret would look nice on Mr. Propre, for sure.

Photo of the Day (7/21/07)

Neighborhood shots are some of the best! This one of a local grocery store is located in Vancouver’s West End neighborhood on Barclay Street. Ohad* is the photographer behind this particular shot and in his notes he states that a skunk almost got in the way of this well-lit scene. Now that is pretty random.