Scottish prisons come through with travel perks

The notion of free travel is always an issue out here in the blogosphere. So if you’re looking to hit the road without spending a dime, skip my chosen profession and head out to Scotland. Work hard in the Scottish Prison Service, and you’ll find yourself relaxing in places like Thailand and the Cayman Islands … which is so much better than listening to the clanking of cell doors ever day!

According to The Sun, executives at the Scottish Prison Service dropped £92,777 on travel over the past three years, including a six-day trip to Barbados for the top dog of one prison with a price tag of above £7,000 back in October. Another hit Malawi, at a cost of £6,000.

Do you think this sounds frivolous? Well, keep in mind there’s another side to every story. Said a spokesman for the Scottish Prison Service: “The contacts we have created through attendance at international events ensure we remain at the leading edge of reform.”

Yeah …

[photo by amandabhslater via Flickr]