JetBlue includes a little extra treat in their Halloween goodie bags

Halloween may be over, but please don’t let that stop us from posting one more piece of airline related Halloween news.

Kids at a Halloween party sponsored by JetBlue received an unexpected surprise in their baskets when parents discovered bags of candy tied shut with an ad containing links to an adult toy party Internet site.

The parents were naturally livid, and JetBlue has fired the employee responsible for the ad, making this the second story about fired airline employees this weekend!

I’m a bit at a loss as to how this could happen, unless the employee in question thought this was an adults only shindig. Of course, even if the bags were originally intended for the adults, I’m not sure it’s the kind of product you want to be advertising at a Halloween party.

Southwest Airlines Halloween update – looks like someone is having fun!

The messages on the Gadling Twitter feed sound like they are all in a secret code, but the only thing I can tell is that someone is having a great time celebrating Halloween with Southwest Airlines!

Apparently the celebration involves golf carts on the tarmac, an airline CEO dressed up as ZZ Top and a Gadling blogger with a yet to be photographed orange pilot suit (I’ve demanded photographic evidence of that!).

Stay tuned to our Twitter feed for updates as the day progresses, and perhaps we’ll catch a glimpse of even more wacky costumes.