French hotel lets you pay to be treated like a hamster

Hands up if you ever had the sudden urge to be treated like a hamster for a couple of days? Well, your wish has come true, though it will involve a flight to France.

In the French town of Nantes, you can pay just under $150 a night to eat hamster food, run around in a giant wheel, and sleep in hay stacks.

According to the first two paying guests, being able to experience how a hamster lives helped them “come out of their daily routine”. Well, yeah, I can see how pretending to be a hamster for a couple of days will change things a little.

The owners of the “Hamster Villa” run a company that specializes in unusual and bizarre hotels. One of the owners used to dress up as a hamster, making their venture just a bit weirder. Sadly, the new “hamsters” in this hotel are already demanding WiFi access and a flat panel TV, so the current $150/night rate will be going up in the near future.