Handstand iPad case secures your device unlike anything else

If you like iPad accessories, then the number of available cases for your device will never let you down. Some cases are designed just to make your iPad look better, but others (like the one in this brief review) are made to protect and help make it easier to use your device on the road.

The Handstand case fits snugly around your iPad — so far, nothing overly different from other cases on the market. Where the Handstand excels is a neat rotating hand grip on the back of the case. Simply slip your hand through the elastic strap, and you can hold your iPad with just one hand and rotate it in any angle you want. The rotating rear also doubles as a stand, allowing you to place your iPad on a flat surface and angle it up a couple of degrees for watching movies. The whole construction feels very solid, and even when you shake your arms around, your iPad won’t budge.

The case is available for the original iPad right away ($49.95), and will be ready for the iPad 2 towards the beginning of March ($39.95). Cases for the the original are available in black and white, and iPad 2 Handstand cases come in black, white and pink. You’ll find the (pre) purchase links at thehandstand.com.