Video: Inner City Surfing, The Latest Urban Adventure Craze

Germany and China don’t immediately call to mind hanging 10, but that’s about to change. The latest urban extreme sport pastime in these cities is urban surfing the big waves on their river systems. As reported by CNN, Munich’s Eisbach River and Hangzhou’s Qiantang River are fast becoming two of the world’s top spots for inner-city surfing.

Lest you think this is for those who can’t cut it on the ocean, it’s not for the faint-hearted. Each fall on the Qiantang, the world’s largest tidal bore, “a wave that travels against the current,” flows upriver. This creates waves up to 27 feet high, traveling at nearly 25 miles per hour. Surfers need to be towed in by jet-ski to ride the “Silver Dragon,” as it’s known.

Living in a land-locked place and thinking of taking up the sport? Watch this clip for inspiration (or a reality check).

Paris in….China?

You know, if I were to casually glance at this photo, I’d believe it were actually taken in Paris: The Eiffel Tower….those other buildings. Very Parisian. But look a little closer and you’ll realize that it’s not actually Paris at all. It’s not even Disneyworld. It’s China.

Located in the residential area of Tianducheng just outside of Hangzhou in East China’s Zhejiang Province lies this modest recreation of the Champ de Mars and Gustave’s greatest creation. Just over 2,000 people live here. What’s especially weird is that I can’t find any more information on this save for the photos. You’d think that a fake Paris sprouting up in China would have received some press somewhere. More pics (from Reuters) after the jump.