Cities where planes don’t fly to anymore

Bob Dylan song lyrics, “The times they are a changing” keep playing in my head. A few years ago, Greyhound buses stopped rolling into towns off its major routes. Now, in several small cities, airplanes won’t be appearing on their tarmacs.

According to this article in the New York Times, in Hagarstown, Maryland, it doesn’t matter that a new tarmac was made to bring more commercial planes there. They aren’t coming. The carriers that used to come quit. It would be hell to work at the Hagarstown Regional Airport right about now, I would think. What is there to do while waiting for a private plane to arrive? Drag racing?

The article lists several other airports without the commercial planes that used to whisk people in and out. New Haven, Connecticut, Wilmington, Delaware (where the plane in the photo was heading), Lake Havasu City, Arizona and Boulder City, Nevada are the ones named, but there are more.

So, now that you can’t whisk in and out of these places, and possibly you can’t take a bus to them either, I’m wondering what will happen when it comes to travel? When I criss-crossed the United States on a bus, there were some sites I wanted to go that were out of reach. We mostly went to large cities as a result of the hassle of going to smaller ones. The only small towns we went to were Hannibal, Missouri and Vinita, Oklahoma.

For people who have gotten used to going places quickly, lots of luck. With gas prices what they are, who’s going to want to drive to places that aren’t on the way to someplace else?

What strange things have been found on planes?

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