Call full-service hotels directly for best deals

With the economy the way it is these days, hotel deals are for the asking. Although many deals are bundled into packages that include airfare, that’s not the only way to save money.

In this New York Times, “On The Road” article, Peter Greenberg, the travel editor of “Today” recommends calling full-service hotels directly to find out what deals can be offered “right now.”

Greenberg recommends asking to speak to the general manager and then asking that person in a congenial way what incentives he or she can offer. Although the published room rate may not go down, the incentives could sweeten the deal in your favor.

According to Greenberg, hotels’ willingness to throw in perks will not last forever. The message is to strike a bargain while you can get one.

If you’re looking for holiday R& R without the expense of out of town travel, add luxury to your life by looking for a hotel deal in your own backyard. Book a night in a luxury hotel where you live. Call around to see who will throw in the best perk by using Greenberg’s method. Even though home may be just a few miles away, pretend. A night away is a night away.

The photo by drustar is of the front desk at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. Yes, there are package deals on the hotel’s website, but call to see what else you can get. It’s a start.