Photo of the Day (09.10.10)

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved eating breakfast on the road. Sure, back then it was simply because I got to experience breakfast buffets that allowed me to eat my weight in bacon, but I still have a passion for the most important meal of the day no matter where I am traveling. From cucumbers in Israel to cheeses in Turkey to beans in Australia, I’ve eaten a wide variety of foods for breakfast. But, after any length of time away from home, what I always end up craving most is a good ol’ fashioned greasy diner breakfast.

This photo by Flickr user Taylor McConnell reminded me of how much I end up craving an omelet with toast, home fries (or hash browns) and, of course, a side of (well done) bacon. As much as I love experiencing local foods when I travel, there comes a point in any trip when I just want a classic diner breakfast.

Have any pictures of your favorite breakfasts from the road? Or just some of the meals that you’ve had along the way? Upload your travel photos to the Gadling Flickr group and we might just use one for our next Photo of the Day.