Spooky libraries

Dusty, musty and seemingly old as time, some libraries are the perfect place for ghosts and ghouls to haunt their way through eternity. The folks over at Intelligent Traveller have done some uncovering and found some of the spookiest libraries around the world — and the ghosts who haunt them:

  • Morelia Public Library, in Michoacán, Mexico: This library, which has been around since the 16th century, is said to be haunted by a blue clad nun. The sensation is so real that people have reported hearing footsteps following them.
  • State Library of Victoria, in Melbourne, Australia: Built in 1856, this library is reportedly haunted not only by a librarian named Grace in the Children’s and Arts sections, but also a mustachioed man in the music section and various poltergeists in the newspaper room. After-hours security guards report seeing glowing balls of light in the library — yikes! That’s got to be one frightening job.
  • Rammerscales House, in Lockerbie, Scotland: A ghost haunts the library of this large home, and apparently it’s so frightening that guests have asked to stay in the stables.
  • Felbrigg Hall, in Norfolk, England: The ghost of an 18th-century scholar, William Windham III, is known to sit in his armchair by the fire and read books well into the night. In fact, it’s such a regular occurrence that the butler used to leave specific books out for him each night.