Ferries for Hawaiian Island Hopping

Years ago when I went to Hawaii to visit a great-aunt and uncle who lived in Kailua on O’ahu, my uncle arranged for a three day trip to the Big Island. The package deal included airfare, a rental car and a motel room. This was a low-budget, low-keyed jaunt and a high point of our vacation. (I’ve been thinking about Brook’s musings about the difference between travel and vacations. We landed in Hawaii after spending a week in Taiwan and a week in Japan. That felt like travel. For some reason, Hawaii felt like a vacation. I’m still musing myself about the difference.)

Anyway, when we went to the Big Island, we flew. To get to the Big Island flying is the way to go. However, according to this USA Today article, ferries are to start operating between O’ahu and Maui and Kaua’i. These will be the high-speed type that can also take cars. Eventually, there will be one to the Big Island, but that one isn’t due to open for a couple years. On the Hawaii Superferry Web site you can make reservations. The first departure is slated for August 28.

Although these inter-island ferries sound like a good idea, all is not well with this transportation venture. The humpback whales are a concern since the ferries may interrupt their migration. Also, if people can bring their cars with them, what will this do to tourism? That’s my thought. Will more cars choke up the roads? Or maybe this will be a tourist boost. Still, people do need some way to get from here to there unless we are all willing to stay home.