British Airways flight greeted by hazmat team after 6 passengers faint

Here is a sight you don’t want to be greeted by when you land at your destination – upon landing at London Heathrow, an ambulance hazmat team boarded the aircraft to check on the condition of six passengers who had fainted during the flight.

It probably isn’t too uncommon for one passenger to faint after the stress of a long haul flight, but six of them on a single plane usually warrants some kind of emergency response.

Thankfully, the passengers turned out to be fine, and emergency personnel allowed them to continue their journeys.

In this H1N1 panicked environment, it does make sense to be careful of anything out of the ordinary, even though in this case, it was probably one big coincidence.

Plane sheets: Make that flight clean and cozy

We’ve written about urine on plane seats. We’ve written about finding a hypodermic needle under a plane seat and an empty vial nearby. We’ve also written about things left behind in seat pockets–unpleasant things. To read such stories, one might think that plane seats are a bio hazard. One might be tempted to suit up in a hazmat suit like Mike did for his stay at the Hotel Carter in New York City.

If you’re one of those people who is a bit concerned about what you’ll catch when you travel with people who are crammed into a cylinder shape for a trip that may or may not get there on time, here’s a possible solution.

Plane Sheets. They come in two sizes, and according to the Web site, are a great way to personalize and tidy up your allotted space.

Of course, there’s no guarantee about what the people you’re wedged between will be up to or how they’ll feel when you cover up your plane seat. They might think you’re a weirdo. Or, perhaps, they might make you an offer.