Health tourism is big business for Ghana

Ghana is not a big tourism magnet. Unlike other African countries that offer wild safaris and impressive archaeological remains, this West African nation has relatively few attractions to offer international visitors. But that’s changing under a new plan to promote health tourism.

As the name implies, health tourism involves more than recharging your batteries on some serene beach. It’s a chance to get medical treatment while getting away from it all. One place to do that in Ghana is the Holy Trinity Spa & Health Farm. Set along the Volta River, it’s a cross between a resort hotel, ranch, and hospital, where you can take a dip in the pool, ride horses across African countryside, and have a physiotherapy session all in one day.

Their honeymoon packages are reasonably priced by Western standards and offer the usual things like candlelit dinners and sports activities along with treatments such as facials, manicures, and massages. Other treatments include some rather mysterious-sounding procedures such as the “Super Ozone Hydro Bath” and the “Detoxifying Infra Red Sauna.” If you want to get a bit more serious about your health and well-being, the spa offers dental and medical care as well as cosmetic surgery. Many of the guests are from African nations looking for medical procedures they can’t get at home. Most of the staff were trained in Western medical schools.

If getting a face lift is not your idea of a vacation, Ghana does offer some interesting sights, although it can’t compete with heavy hitters such as Kenya and Egypt. The Mole National Park offers safaris and elephants and the Wli Falls offer stunning views of waterfalls through thick jungle. There’s also the intrinsic interest of being in a vibrant part of Africa with a rich history and culture, and the added advantage that English is the official language, so you’ll be able to say “no liposuction, please, just a massage.”