Las Vegas invites you to get naked

Are you bold enough?

Unlike topless destinations around the world, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino attracts hotties willing to drop their tops and accept fewer tan lines. This stand in stark contrast to most topless beaches, where there’s a distinct lack of legitimate eye candy. The recent “Rehab” party, for example, offered up plenty of skin and is indicative of a new pool party trend in Las Vegas. The 21+ crowd is in the crosshairs of many hotels and resorts, and they are luring us with the oldest bait in the book.

“Daylife,” sunlight’s answer to “nightlife,” is the product Vegas is peddling. Adult pools and pool parties – complete with bottle service and the hardly dressed to deliver it – are bringing in big bucks, big names and big … well, I’ll let you guess. Celebrity hosts, such as Heidi Montag of “The Hills,” help make the pitch to bring you in the door (sans inhibitions).

And now for the disappointing news … it’s not as crazy as you’d expect (or hope). There still aren’t many topless pools in Las Vegas. Those that exist are generally reserved for guests, attract an older crowd and don’t require that the ladies go topless (most of them don’t). The big parties are a different story, where the odds of naked mayhem are much higher.

Cabo San Lucas: Oh No They Didn’t

If you have just the slightest clue what the title of this article refers to, then you will also know how I feel about the subject. I guess you could say there are two subjects in this case: Cabo San Lucas as a celebrity hotspot and Speidi getting married. Neither subject is a pleasant one in my opinion, but just the thought of the second makes me want to wretch.

Yes, they did. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag of MTV’s “The Hills” fame eloped this weekend and got hitched at the One and Only Palmilla Resort. For those of you who don’t follow “The Hills,” this basically means there is no chance in hell that Lauren and Heidi will be best friends again, but did we really want that to happen anyway?The Palmilla appears to be the celebrity resort of choice in hot and heavy Cabo San Lucas. Britney escapes there, Christina Aguilera had her bachelorette bash there, and Eli Manning (the New York Giants quarterback) got hitched there in April. So, I guess it would come as no surprise, really, that the shallowest couple on the face of the earth would also choose the Palmilla as the locale for their secretive nuptial.

What really has me stumped, though, is the appeal of Cabo San Lucas. Based on all of the tropical and romantic destinations in this world, why does Cabo stand out for celebrities? Maybe it’s close enough to Los Angeles that celebrities can make it a weekend getaway, but I would certainly fly an extra hour or two to experience something authentic (like to Hawaii, for instance?) rather than Cabo, which is like a hot Disneyland for adults (and when is that ever fun?). I just remember spending a day there last month on what must have been the hottest day of the year and thinking I was going to sweat to death. I actually wrung out my clothes from all the sweat that day.

There are, of course, two redeeming things about Cabo and maybe just one with regard to Speidi:

  1. The famous “El Arco,” which is a natural rock arch formed by crashing surf is a sight to behold if you make your way to Lover’s Beach.
  2. Zippers, a surf break located about forty minutes by car from the Cabo San Lucas Harbor, is one of the best breaks in Mexico if not the world.
  3. I can look forward to jubilation upon hearing the news of Speidi’s breakup/divorce; it’s bound to happen.