Scotsman Don Lennox to row the Atlantic and run across the U.S.

Scotsman Don Lennox has a busy summer planned. The endurance athlete set out from Battery Park in New York City this past Sunday with three other men, in an attempt to break the speed record for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Don, and his teammates, will continue to row in two-man shifts, for 24-hours a day, until they reach England, which they are hoping to do in roughly 45 days time.

For most of us, that would be enough adventure for the year, but for Lennox it is just the beginning. Upon arrival in the U.K., he’ll head directly to the airport to catch a flight to California, where he’ll start the second phase of his amazing test of endurance. Once there, he’ll begin a 3100 mile cross-country odyssey in which he hopes to run coast -to- coast in less than 55 days, setting another speed record in the process. Yep, that’s right, this crazy Scotsman is trying to row across the Atlantic and run across the United States, in just 100 days time.

Don isn’t just doing this just so he can get a good workout however. He’s also hoping to raise funds and awareness for the Help For Heroes and the Wounded Warrior Project, two organizations that help service men and women who have been wounded in combat to get back on their feet, and on with their lives. Don has set a loft goal of raising £1 million for the two charities.

You can follow Don’s progress by reading his blog, which can be found by clicking here. You can also track the progress of the rowing team across the Atlantic by clicking here.

So? What do you have planned for the summer?