Towering cow sculptures made from cars scattered throughout Finland

If you’ve been penning a list detailing your reasons to visit Finland, here’s another brick for that rationalization wall: cow sculptures. Miina Äkkijyrkkä is a Finnish sculptor who previously spent time studying dairy farming. Now she constructs gigantic sculptures depicting cows, but she builds these artsy towers with a unique material–cars. Based in Helsinki, Miina travels all over the country to source her old cars from scattered dealers. On her website, she includes cow photography. It appears as though this artist does, indeed, create straight from the heart, as she should. At first read, this might all seem a little ridiculous to you. But even if it is ridiculous in your books, her art is simply magnificent–innovative and, of course, huge. When I finally make it to Finland, which I’m hoping will be sooner than later, I’m going to seek out these multicolored, metal cow structures.