Cutest Kid Ever Goes Mountain Biking

This kid sure is excited, and for good reason. When I first started watching this video I thought it would be a cute clip of a small child falling off his bike; however, it turned out to an impressive short film documenting four-year-old Malcolm’s first descent biking down Hellion, Highland Mountain Bike Park‘s longest trail filled with challenges.

After watching this, I’m embarrassed about the many times I turned down mountain biking because I thought it looked too dangerous. Nothing seems to scare this kid, as he speeds over rocks and down hills, begging his dad to do the big drops, shouting, “It’s fun Dad, trust me. It’s fun! Look!”

Not only is this video impressive but judging by the over 600 comments on YouTube, it’s evoked many emotions in people concerning how great it is for a father and a son to have an adventure together. We’re just glad they had the GoPro Camera with them to capture it on video.

To see one of the world’s most extreme four-year-olds mountain bike like a professional, check out the video above.