Video: near death semi-truck almost accident in Russia

I’m guessing what happens in the above video doesn’t happen to people in wintery places every day simply by virtue of the fact that the ice is thick and seemingly omnipresent, but check out this near death semi-truck almost accident in Russia footage (and then remind yourself that life can end at any moment, seriously). I don’t speak Russian, so I don’t know what the guys in this video are saying. I apologize for offending you in advance if they’re saying something offensive to you. But, more importantly than what they’re saying is what happens to them in this video. While traveling down what appears to be a pretty standard highway in acceptably standard winter snow in Russia, a large truck literally comes flying toward the people in the vehicle here and misses their car by inches, maybe even less. It’s dramatic, suspenseful, and features some footage of a winter highway scene in Russia.