Video: Biking In A Malaysian Forest

When watching stereotypical, travel-related videos, you don’t usually get to see places the way locals see places. Flashy editing and touristy destinations often yield generic travel videos that are about as helpful as a rest stop brochure. I prefer to see what locals see. This often results in me scouring Vimeo or YouTube for videos that show me what I want to see: destinations from a local’s perspective. When I came across this video, I wanted to share it with Gadling readers. This video simply features a cyclist, Muhammad Raydi Koto Cham (who also directed and edited the film), making his way through a thick and lush forest in Malaysia. The woods in Bukit Kiara are green and shaded. In under two minutes, Cham and camera operator Riki Adi Setiawan, give me a visceral sense of what it would look and sound like to ride through these trees.