Hilton hotel employees in Puerto Rico prepare to strike

More than 1,000 Hilton employees at three of Hilton’s Puerto Rico hotels – Conrad Condado Plaza Hilton Hotel, the Caribe Hilton Hotel, and the El San Juan Hilton Hotel & Casino – are prepared to strike if union officials and the hotel can’t agree to new employee terms.

Apparently, Hilton employees are simply ‘fed up’ with being paid minimum wage that isn’t on par with some North America Hiltons. In addition, some employees claim they have no option for healthcare coverage and those who have healthcare feel the options aren’t up to standards. In a letter to Hilton, employees also cited the following incidents:

  • Hilton disciplines worker at El San Juan Hotel for cooperating with government agent’s request during the course of a government investigation.
  • Hilton guilty of attempt to illegally impose a union of its choosing on its employees.
  • Hilton unfairly pays employees different wages and benefits for doing the same work.
  • Hilton worker forced to handle the dirty underwear of a manager at the El San Juan Hotel.
  • A manager wrote up 15 workers at the Condado Plaza when a stack of napkins was found stained with wine, hoping it would pressure the guilty party to confess.
  • Hilton health care plan in Puerto Rico is unaffordable and deficient – according to the employee statement, almost 25 percent of employees at Hilton’s three Puerto Rico properties go without health care for themselves and their families because they can’t afford the monthly premiums.

Negotiations between the hotel workers and the Hilton are still ongoing, but according to a statement from Hilton employees, a strike seems imminent. If the hotel workers walk, the Hilton would be left filing space in areas including housekeeping, restaurants/bars, room service, front desk, bell and door staff, swimming pool, telephone, maintenance and slot cashiers.