Cathay Pacific Freezes Recruiting Because of Low Demand

Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific has always been one of the world’s top airlines. But the ever-lower demand for air travel has touched them as it has every other airline. An article in an internal publication distributed to Cathay’s employees two weeks ago announced that there will be a company-wide recruiting freeze. No layoffs yet, but the hiring stoppage will include Cathay’s subsidiary, Dragonair. The freeze was confirmed today.

That means no fresh faces in an airline that is famous for its top-notch service (and leggy, poised flight attendants). Exec Tony Tyler remains optimistic that the industry, and Cathay, will return to their old ways in short order. ”I remain unashamedly optimistic about the future of aviation in Asia – just think of the potential in China and India alone.”

Cathay, like the regions other major players, is straining on its leash, waiting to carve out its space in new, lucrative routes in China and on the subcontinent. They just have to make it through these slow times intact.

[Via The Standard HK]