Hispaniola Calling

Sometime in say, the next three months I am planning to escape to the Caribbean and this year’s pick happens to be the island in the West Indies comprised by the two countries we know as the Dominican Republic and Haiti. I want to go to both. As much as I like digging my toes into the sand on the beach while reading the latest top-selling book on all the lists, I also take great fancy in being productive, learning while touring and lending a helping hand. Haiti isn’t a place I got ignited about visiting after watching Pitt & Jolie hang around with Wyclef Jean, I’d always wanted to go. Having a few friends that are from there, but have yet to go back and wish very little to go back has always intrigued me. The political climate is no secret to me and aside from all the negative images there is an enormous amount of culture and beauty to be found. I want to find it. In fact, I’d love to have Wyclef take me on a tour similar to the one the Brad & Angelina received and see what’s happening with Yéle and Haiti combined.

In regards to the Dominican Republic, I’m looking for beach, sun, fun, dance and more importantly Larimar. Ever since my eyes laid sight on the Pectolite it has become my own “precious” of sorts and I must visit the museum and the mines. I’m told a trip to the mines might change my mind about ever owning a piece of Larimar jewelry, but there is no hiding, running, or turning back now. I want to see the mines.

Yes, my agenda seems and sounds quite set right now, but I’ve got some weeks to plan and I’m opening it up for some reader recommendations. Like Neil, before he took off for Albania and pooled for some additional ideas if anyone says “don’t go” I’ll be obliged to ignore.