Pike Place Market in Seattle Turns 100

Pike Place Market in Seattle is turning 100. This season is the time for celebrating this vibrant heart of the city that got its start because of onions. Back in 1906, the price of onions was skyrocketing and shoppers were not too happy since the middle man was taking the profit while consumers and farmers ended up shorthanded. A farmers market was the solution. Consumers could buy from the farmers at a fair price and good-bye middle man. Thousands of people showed up in the early days. In 2007, the yearly number is in the millions.

These days Pike Place Market is much more then a place that sells vegetables. Crafts, antiques and a plethora of food items fill stalls for browsing delight while street performers and musicians provide a festive air.

From now until the official birthday on August 19, there are several scheduled events like fairs and lectures to celebrate the centennial. If you’ve ever traveled there, you can submit your stories about it to the market’s website by April 4. Here you can also read other people’s stories for a terrific trip through American history written by people who were there. Also, look for the virtual tour.