Video: Holes of Happiness, East London’s pothole gardens

When living in a mostly concrete city, the lack of vegetation can become increasingly troublesome. Thankfully, the issue is addressed in the short documentary, “Holes of Happiness.” While living in NYC over the span of eight years, I began to feel exponentially stir crazy, and I think this was, in large part, due to the stark juxtaposition between New York and where I had grown up. I was raised in the country outside of a small Appalachian town in Ohio on West Virginia‘s border. Everything was green and the biggest expanse of concrete was the shopping mall 30 minutes away. My experience aids me in understanding why some residents of East London have taken it upon themselves to engage in a bit of guerrilla warfare, using gardening as ammunition. Beautiful flowers and other plants are now popping up in unsuspecting places, even potholes. The end result seems to be, simply, a more beautiful, green city.