Daily Pampering: Nancy Gonzalez crocodile travel accessories

Daily Pampering is determined to cover the world’s most sumptous spa treatments, tech gadgets, private villas and of course, accessories … but today’s first foray into travel by designer Nancy Gonzalez might just take the 2010 award for “over the top” luxury. Each piece of her new collection, available exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman, is handmade in Columbia and 100% crocodile. Luggage trolleys are constructed with titanium to be both ultra durable and totally lightweight … not that we’re letting the airline even think about asking us to check these precious goods.

Gonzalez’s new line includes in iPad case ($1800), passport holders ($425), a croc n’ pony hair trolley ($6125), an all-croc trolley ($7500) and a croc carry-on trolley ($6500).

So what do you think … will you be gifting the luxury traveler in your life something from this collection for the holidays?

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The Miss TSA Pinup Calendar – *UPDATED*

Check out Miss March! Email lists across the world are tittering at the Miss TSA Pinup Calendar. We aren’t sure where these came from, but they do appear to be real x-rays (says a medical expert friend of mine), and were probably done by a radiologist — that’s why they’d be hitting the medical community first. My medical expert friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) is the one who forwarded me the images.

After some quick research online, the earliest posting of the images I can find is on Outburst.com, but the site was apparently hacked shortly afterward and has since been taken down (here’s the cached page). Still, there’s nothing on the page which indicates that they created or own these images, either. Nobody knows where they came from!***

With that in mind, if you are the owner of these images and would like them taken down or would like to receive credit, please contact me at ask-at-gadling-dot-com immediately! And also: WELL DONE. This is a hilarious parody of the TSA x-ray capabilities, and plays on our fears about the invasiveness of TSA’s latest “security” procedure (substantiated by reports such as Body scanners used as porn by airport security and 100 controversial whole body imaging photos revealed) in a lighthearted, laugh-out-loud-at-the-grinning-skulls coup.

If this were a real calendar, we’d be first in line to buy a ton to send out as holiday gifts for travelers.

Thanks to our resourceful readers, we have learned that these images were created by a German agency for a Japanese computer display company called EIZO, that they are actually just really good CGI and have nothing to do with the TSA.
The calendars are available for purchase on eBay for £69.69 (about $108.32). A special thanks goes out to whoever took this old story and started emailing it around as “TSA Pinups.” You definitely gave us all a good laugh!

Here are the rest. Enjoy!

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Photo source unknown.