InterContinental Hotels Group launches EVEN, a wellness-focused hotel brand

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) today announced the US launch of EVEN™ Hotels, its new, wellness-focused hotel brand.

What is a “wellness hotel”?
Over a span of 18 months, IHG closely analyzed emerging trends, conducted studies and talked to over 4,000 customers. The research showed a demand shift to a holistic wellness travel experience, and confirmed an unmet need among customers – staying healthy while they travel.

Keep in mind, these won’t be destination spas or luxury resorts. The operating model for EVEN Hotels will be similar to limited service hotels.

What will guests find?
Guest rooms will be designed for in-room workouts with multi-functional room amenities (e.g. coat rack that doubles as pull-up bars); a best-in-class gym with equipment and group exercise activities; a “Wellness Wall” resource for fitness tips, walking distances, and equipment rentals; and personalized guest services offering advice on fitness options.

Rooms will feature tech amenities such as high speed Wi-Fi, multimedia ports, easy access to outlets, and ample desk space. Additionally, there will be social areas in the bar and lobby. Rooms will also feature green and allergy-friendly amenities, including: hypoallergenic linens, powerful showerheads, natural lighting, LED dimmers, and antibacterial wipes.
Nutritionally designed menus will offer a particular focus on natural, fresh, fit, and energizing meals. In an open-air café and bar, guests can enjoy complimentary coffee, mini-smoothies, and flavored, filtered water with glass bottles available to fill up and take back to their rooms.

The company is so confident in the brand that they have planned an aggressive $150 million growth plan over the next three years and expects to sign contracts for 100 EVEN Hotels within the next five years.

Look for the first locations to be announced soon and the first hotel to open in early 2013.

Holistic Holiday Cruise

Don’t you hate it when you return from vacation to find your luggage isn’t the only thing you’re packing? Wouldn’t it be great to go on a cruise, eat all you wish and come back as slim, fit and healthy as ever? Yeah, I think we all long deeply for that one and I’m not promising anything by sending you to this link, but it’s worth scoping out. A Taste of Health & Vegetarian Times is hosting a seven day trip for the mind, body and spirit. Holistic Holiday at Sea IV – Voyage to Well-Being takes to the seas March 4-March 11, 2007.

What’s cool about the cruise? Experts in holistic living and natural health will be on board shedding their light on any interested takers during lectures and workshops. Continuing education credits (CEU’s) will also be available. The liner itself is said to be a world premier Italian luxury and will stop at ports in the Dominica Republic, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Grand Turk and the U.S. Virgin Islands to name only a healthy handful.

So you probably won’t loose any weight, but you’ll have a good time.