A Summer project to celebrate where you live

Using Matt Harding’s concept of dancing as a way to unify the world in his “Where the Hell is Matt?” videos, Jeff Hoskinson highlighted his home state, Iowa in a spoof of sorts.

He kind of looks like Matt, but he’s not Matt. Matt does appear in the video in the “Inspiration” by section. There is a handy reference guide in the YouTube description that lists everywhere featured in the video. As Hoskingson states, this was one way to have a reason to head to all the places he’s heard about since he was a kid.

If you can’t make it to EVERYWHERE in a state or a country, why not just pick your county or province? How about just your city, village or town? Pick a neat song and go for it. All you need is a camera and a person to film you. It’s doable. I’m not doing it yet–but you go for it and let me know if you’ve posted the results on YouTube. I’m enamored with the idea. Whatever you do, just keep dancing.

One thing this video does make me cognizant of is Iowa’s flooding problems. I wonder which of these sites were affected and wish the good folks in Iowa well.