Tripbase Travel Horoscope lets the stars pick your next vacation destination

Picking a vacation destination can be a major hassle – but the folks behind Tripbase just launched a tool that could help make your decision much easier.

The Tripbase Travel Horoscopeharnesses the ancient discipline of astrology to help you through the overwhelming options for vacations and winnow the choices down from perfectly endless to merely perfect“.

Even if you don’t believe in the power of astrology, the tool is fun to use, and comes up with some fun tips. In my case, I’m being told that I should stay close to home, and that I’m allowed to splurge once.

Once you’ve been given some advice, you can use the Tripbase tools to find your perfect trip, based on recommendations from over 22 million travelers.

The Travel Horoscope tool can be found at, and soon on mobile devices.