Turistas: Another Travel Horror Flick

Thanks to WorldHum, I’ve just been reminded of what I could do with my Saturday evening if it were a little less booked. Coming to theaters this weekend is the long-awaited film Turistas directed by John Stockwell (Blue Crush & Into the Blue) who was inspired to write the script after returning from a Peruvian surf-trip where things went sour to say the least. As for Turistas, the film is ultimately about a small group of American tourist that go looking for good times and I’m certain a little Samba, when they get robbed and drugged and sucked into Brazil’s jungles. As one could imagine with any horror flick all things go wrong for the good looking cast and they must fight a primal battle to save their lives or be swallowed in the underground caverns of Brazilian jungle. Honestly, I don’t think I’d go as far as rent this one when it hits video stores. Nothing about it shakes me up or spooks me.

However, the Los Angeles Times has a pretty nice article on the production process which is worth a read.