Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs

Since I was born in Kentucky and still have family ties there, I perk up when the Kentucky Derby comes around. And, it’s come around. Every year at this time this race reminds me that the days of going to a race track are at hand. Since the Derby is in just a few hours, let’s head to Churchill Downs.

Churchhill Downs, although not the first racetrack in Kentucky, is probably the most famous. The first race track was built in Lexington in 1789. It wasn’t until 1875 when Churchill Downs came to be that the Kentucky Derby got its start. The growth of the race wasn’t particularly smooth with some years being a real financial bust. These days with the $25 general admission price tag, I imagine losing money is almost impossible.

One interesting feature about Churchill Downs is that there is a quarantine area for horses from other countries. Here’s a video that lets you take a peak. The guys who shot it tried to get some horse footage, but the horses are in shadows.

Another video shows Dominican, a horse that recently had a workhout getting his bath. Another shows the horse, Stormello working out on the track.

According to this commercial, Churchill Downs has been updated and it certainly gives an idea of what racing season is like in Louisville this time of year. The Derby isn’t the only day to head to the races. Check the Churchill Downs Web site for other race days and times.