Daily Pampering: Marina Bay Sands Hotel infinity pool over Singapore

Some of life’s simple luxuries are downright cool and some are simply awe-inspiring, and then there are those that give us goose-bumps and test our vertigo to the limit. Enter: The Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore and its rooftop infinity pool.

The $5.95 billion hotel finally opened its doors in June and is being touted as the world’s most expensive hotel, but that’s not the purpose behind this pampering. The hotel’s main attraction is a 650-foot wide infinity pool situated at the 55th floor of the hotel, making it the largest outdoor pool in the world that high. The pool’s water spills over into a catchment and then recycles the water back into the hotel’s main pool area. We don’t really care where the water goes as long as it doesn’t spill over Singapore, which is exactly how the views from this sky-high pool look (stomach turning).

In addition to the hotel’s infinity pool, guests can spend the night in one of 2,560 rooms that cost around $520 a night. The hotel also includes a casino, an outdoor plaza, a convention center, a theater and a museum.

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