Finally – a hotel where you’re *encouraged* to steal the towels

I’m one of those uptight folks who hates the idea of stealing anything: I’ve scolded friends for buying bootlegged CDs and DVDs. My husband, however, isn’t quite as ridiculous as I am — in fact, I cringe every time he comes home from a business trip, in anticipation of what hotel towel he’s decided to bring home with him as a souvenir.

However, I think I may have found a hotel where we can go and I don’t have to live in fear: The Hotel Fusion in San Francisco actually encourages you to steal their towels! Stay with them for three nights or more, and they’ll let you take home a towel, complete with the words “I didn’t steal my towel from Hotel Fusion,” to assuage any fears of any over-concerned spouses. The offer is good for stays between now and February 28, 2009.

Now if I could just find another hotel that has a similar offer for a flat-screen TV…