Hotel Madness: Expensive parking vs. Tightly tucked-in sheets

The first round of Hotel Madness continues with #3 seed Expensive parking battling #14 seed Tightly tucked in sheets. Paying for gas and dealing with rental car companies can make trips a real pain in the butt. Add in having to pay an arm and a leg to park at the hotel and you’ll be ready to curse Henry Ford for ever inventing cars. Once you do get to your room, though, going to sleep will be a challenge if you don’t have the upper body strength to turn down your own bed. Hotel sheets are tucked tighter than a pair of jeggings on a hippopotamus. Who’s running the housekeeping department? Sgt. Slaughter?

We break down these two Hotel Madness annoyances below. Vote for the one that ticks you of the most and the winner will advance to the second round of action.

(3) Expensive Parking
Not all cities are conducive to walking. Heck, not all trips are in cities. Perhaps you’re on a road trip or had to rent a car in your destination because everything is spread out and people actually ask you if you lost your license because of a DUI should you even consider walking somewhere (we’re looking at you, LA). Some places just require you to have a car. And some hotels require you to pay $15 a day to park it there. Don’t forget to tip the valet $2 each time you need it, too.

(14) Tightly Tucked-In Sheets
Travelers come in all shapes and sizes from chunky to portly to fit. No traveler, however, is thin enough to fit under the covers once the those housekeepers make the bed. Drill sergeants don’t require blankets to be that tight. You shouldn’t need the Jaws of Life just to get into bed.

This is a tough one. Paying for parking is just plain tacky but your bed can make or break your trip. Which one bothers you more? Vote now!


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First round voting ends at 11:59EDT on Sunday, March 20.

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