Moscow hotel rooms most expensive in the world

International travel services firm HRG just released the findings of their 2009/2010 hotel price survey. In it, they recrowned Moscow as the city with the most expensive hotel rooms. The average rate for a room in the Russian capital is a totally insane GBP256, or about $408. The rest of the top ten includes most of the usual suspects, including Washington DC and New York.

In North America, the top five most expensive cities is made up of New York, Washington DC, Houston, Boston and Chicago – so no surprises there either. The price difference between the average room rate in New York and Chicago is just under $100 – showing once again that New York hotel prices really are extremely high. Rooms in the Big Apple are on average more than twice as pricey as in Montreal, which takes the tenth spot in the survey.

For more pretty charts and numbers, head on over to the results page for a three-part overview of all the hotel data collected in the survey.