How To Travel America

While learning what to do is an integral component of pre-trip planning, learning about a nation’s people and their attitudes is just as important — yet often overlooked. To that end, foreigners visiting America may be interested in checking out How To Travel America.

Developed by Kenneth Hulick & Francesca Campbell Hulick, How To Travel America is a website offering a variety of resources and information on the practical aspects of traveling to and within the USA. Less focused on where to go, and more concerned with how to visit America as safely and comfortably as possible, How To Travel America has information ranging from tipping, to hints on electricity, to attitudes of Americans toward foreigners. There’s also a listing of popular activities that might be of interest, and a handy travel tips section that even Americans could benefit from reading.

Since you can’t print out a website, the Hulick’s also have a companion book available. Compared to the website, the 160-page How To Travel America contains more detailed information about shopping, dining, health care, what to wear, and much more. The book runs an affordable $19.95.