The Toilet Hotel

If eating out of a toilet doesn’t sound edgy enough–grand enough, how about a night in a house that looks like one? Might sound odd, but don’t be hasty. The Toilet House may not be so weird. The guy who had it built, Seoul, Korea’s, Sim Jae-Duck, is the founder of The World Toilet Association and wants to make sure that people have clean toilets to use. By this, I don’t mean toilet hygiene, per se, but toilets that are clean to use–meaning people have a place to go do their business without creating a health hazard. If you’ve ever lived in an African village, you understand the need for a good latrine that’s far enough away from the village well.

If you pay the $50,000 a night to stay in this house, you’ll be adding money towards Jae-Duck’s work to make sure that people in the world can get rid of their bodily waste without the danger of making people sick. Not a bad idea. Plus, the house does look funky. Again, thanks to Tom Barlow from BloggingStocks for sending this treasure my way.