Human Rights Watch International Film Festival

Last week or so I made a promise to start posting on more film festivals and I will live up to that promise as best as possible starting with today’s find. The Human Rights Watch International Festival is a traveling film festival running from September 2006 to May 2007 which showcases feature films and documentary that stimulates heated and passionate conversation about human rights. In other words, if you’re seeking mind-numbing movies head towards your local AMC. The films being showcased are about hardships faced by Ethiopia’s coffee farmers, conversations with South African people & refugees, touring former German concentration camps and living near them. Spanning from almost every continent there is plenty of food for thought at this fest. See all the film descriptions here.

As of right now the Human Rights Watch International Festival is showing in Fresno, CA and Claremont, CA and will begin showing on Oct. 19th in Portland, OR and Nov. 14th in Troy, NY all until November 2006. Check for exact dates and venue information on their website: