$100 Bill Gets a Makeover

U.S. currency has undergone several changes in the last few years. But the latest change to be administered is focused on the $100, which is the most counterfeited bill in U.S. currency. The changes will dazzle and delight — and hopefully frustrate counterfeiters. No fancy splashes of color here; instead 650,000 microscopic lenses are implanted in each $100 bill, which affects the micro-printing in a fascinating way.

Move the bill up and down, and the image seems to move from side to side. Move the bill side to side, and the image appears to move up and down.

The old $100, which had the same security features as the $5, has long been cracked. Counterfeiters quickly figured out how to use the $5 to create the $100. Thus, a new $5 will be made public on September 20.

The $100 is expected to go into circulation sometime next year.